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I recently got a note from a dA user asking about the reflection of the CDS stage.

Because my reply was very lengthy, I've decided to make a journal about it to save time.

"Hey, I'm glad you liked the stage. Doing the reflection was a little challenging but I'll try my best to explain it. To make things easy, I'll explain everything leading up to the reflection effect process.

First I downloaded MikuMikuEffect (MME). Here's a nice tutorial.
Next, I modeled the stage using a 3D freeware, Metasequoia. After I assembled all the parts, I converted them to .x files using that program.
The depth of field (the blur) effect was made by Beamman.

Okay, now about the reflection:

The reflection was the "WorkingFloorAL_v003" effect. It was made by Harigane. Harigane is known to update the effect after some time. The one used in the stage is outdated. I highly recommend the AL version because it will reflect everything shown rather than only a pmd.

I'm not good at explaining how MME works so I'll just tell you how I think it works through my experience.

The workingfloor effect only caters to a .x file using the .fx files. You'll notice there are .x files included with MMD in the "Accessory" folder such as "negi.x" and "stage.x". The .x file for the workingfloor is a flat surface that is the size of the axis grid of MMD. Rather than seeing a blank floor (or sometimes a negi for some reason ???), you see a reflection because the .fx file is working in it's place.

With the floor of the stage I created, there is a circle floor. Using Metasequoia, I created a .x file that was only the floor of the stage. I then applied the reflection to that file by having the .x file and .fx file sharing the same name.

03_(the default file name)

One major thing I would also like to point out:

Harigane created the effect with the files he provided running off of each other. The way I was able to change them was to convert the files to .txt and change the default name he gave to the effect to my own name ("03_reflection.x").

The reason I did it was for a simpler file loading process. I would not recommend this method for everyone. If you do create a stage with the effect and want the reflection to work with the floor, rename your .x file to work with Harigane's files. It saves a lot of time.

To get the floor to look like a reflection of a floor rather than a mirror, I changed the transparency ("Tr") of 03_reflection.x from "1.00" to "0.10".

I'm sorry if this was a lot more wordy than you expected. Hope I could help."

So yeah, there's my attempt at explaining something.

. . . what's weird is I had to redownload my own stage to know what the heck I was talking about.

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